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Character: Atsushi Kinugawa
Age: 18
Canon: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-Bu Love! Also known as Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
Canon Point: End of Season 2

Japan is a place known for many things. One of those things every anime loving nerd knows of are magical girls with their transformation sequences, and their fights for love and justice. Well what if there was a twist on that typical genre where instead of girls, it was a group of high school boys who reluctantly transform to save the day?

The series starts out with two of our man heroes relaxing in a local bath house after a long day of school. The two of them, En Yufuin, and Atsushi Kinugawa were chatting about nonsense things when out of nowhere a strange portal appeared above their bath and a creature that looked just like a pink wombat with a heart shaped fur patch fell out into their bath. This wombat caught eye of them right away and immediately tried to make them become his magical beings to save Earth. Luckily for the two of them, in comes Yumoto Hakone, one of the people who runs the bathhouse, and the younger classmen who would soon become their leader. Yumoto immediately saw the space wombat and went into full on cuddle mode, trying to cuddle him right off the bat. While Yumoto chased the wombat around the bath house and around town, En and Atsushi made their escape, hoping to put this matter behind them.

The next day at school En and Atsushi took their usual places in class hoping the day would go normally and smoothly when their teacher came walking into the room holding that very same Wombat in his arms. When class was over, the wombat teacher combo started chasing the two boys down the hallway until Yumoto spotted the wombat and chased him the other way. En and Atsushi made their escape once more and hid in their club room where the other two members were already, Io Naruko and Ryuu Zaou, who were one grade under them. A little while later the club room doors slammed open and in came Yumoto cuddling the poor Wombat. In an act of “revenge” for what the wombat had to suffer, he used his magical love powers and turned all five boys into heroes known as The Battle Lovers. Now the boys with their magical bracelets or Lovracelets as they are called, the boys transform into magical boys to save the school with the power of love from fellow students who were turned into monsters.

During the show one always see Atsushi and En paired together, they practically do everything together because they’re best friends, but that wasn’t always the case. Back in elementary school, Atsushi had a different best friend by the name of Kinshirou Kusatsu They were as close as could be until one day Kinshirou stopped talking to Atsushi, and wouldn’t give him the time of day. Luckily for Atsushi, En was also in their class and sort of stepped up to comfort Atsushi. After that, En became the closest friend to Atsushi and they did everything together, even having Atsushi wake En up in the mornings to get him ready for school.

Some might be asking themselves “Self, why is this an important detail to the series and to Atsushi’s character?”

Well, it actually plays an important role to the Battle Lovers and all the monsters that come to their school. While Atsushi and his group of friends were given the powers to become the Battle Lovers, Kinshirou met a different space animal who wanted to dominate the world. Kinshirou is the president of the student council of their school with two other members. With Kinshirou’s heartbreak over what happened between him and Atsushi, he gladly agreed to create a world without love which led him and his two other student council members Ibushi Arima and Akoya Gero to become The Conquest Club.

Neither side of the fight can actually tell who the other is, because in this world the space creatures that blessed these humans with power actually have a strange alien magic that censors their faces and voices. This plot point makes more sense when things start going down and another space animal made his appearance. It turns out, all of this magical fighting and students being turned into a monster was all for a space reality tv show that no one but the space animals knew about. Not only that, but it turned out this wasn't the first time that this had happened there either. The TV show was called "Can I Destroy the Earth?" and it was supposed to be about destroying Earth to make all the space people happy. But they had a little flaw in their plan. Yumoto's older brother, when he was in high school was blessed with similar powers to the Battle Lovers and fought with every single monster that tried to destroy the earth, causing the show to be canceled eventually. They tried it again with the Conquest club, and that's when Wombat-san came to Earth and gave the Battle Lovers their powers to defeat this evil once more.

There was a lot of fighting between both The Battle Lovers and The Conquest club, especially when the magic that hid their identities disappeared and they all realized who the other was. Kinshirou especially became very upset when he found out that Atsushi was one of his enemies. He gained an even more evil power and was almost struck down when Atsushi pushed him out of the way to protect him from harm. That's when it's found out, that the reason they stopped being friends was because one day Atsushi went to go have curry with En by chance since they were going the same way, and Kinshirou grew jealous so he ignored Atsushi. Not only that, but he grew even more upset because he wanted Atsushi to scold him for acting this way, but Atsushi being a person who doesn't like conflict or fighting, decided he'd wait for Kinshirou to come talk to him. So both sides were expecting the other to come first.

After all that came to light, Atsushi and Kinshirou became friends again, Kinshirou and his two student council friends gained a power for love instead of hate, and both teams joined together to defeat the evil animal producers of this "Can I Destroy the Earth 2" show.

With their rekindled friendship, both teams started hanging out a lot more and became more friendly. Unfortunately that didn't last long because the student council decided to go study abroad leaving behind their freshly renewed friendship. The monsters stopped for a little while but once the Conquest club went abroad, a pair of twin idols moved in next to Yumoto's house and chaos in their little town began again.

Atsushi is a kind and thoughtful high schooler. He always seems to put the thoughts and feelings of others before his own. He even sometimes goes as far as to hide his own feelings just so he doesn’t bother the people he’s around. These are some of the reasons why he’s kind of the mom of his group of friends.

Even when there is something he doesn’t want to do, like being a Battle Lover, he suits up and joins in so no one gets hurt. There was one time when Atsushi and En had gotten into a fight. The cause of this fight was a monster that no one knew about hitting En with his evil magic. The fighting had gotten so bad that En and Atsushi couldn’t be in the same room with each other without En starting something. During that week, Yumoto, Atsushi’s younger classman, had talked to the two of them about making up and about the Battle Lover stuff. Atsushi told Yumoto, that whenever they need him, he will join in the fight, but he was going to keep his distance for a bit.

He’s also very accommodating to others, especially his best friend En. En is someone you could define in one word: lazy. This boy would sleep his life away if he could. Atsushi makes sure that doesn’t happen though. Almost every morning for school, he comes over to En’s house to wake him up, and depending on how late they’re running, get him breakfast. In the games, it is said that Atsushi sometimes has to lay out clothes for En for the day. When they’re running late for school, instead of running off ahead, he stays back with En and even moves a little slower if En has to stop by a convenience store.

Along with these kind and thoughtful parts of him, Atsushi also has a passive side, that can be negative as well. He doesn’t like conflict and he doesn’t like fighting unless he absolutely has to. He’s the type of person that if he were fighting with a friend and it got bad, instead of pestering and prodding them about what’s wrong, he’ll stay away and give them space until they are ready to talk. That is exactly what happened between him and his friend Kinshirou. One day Atsushi didn’t want to walk home with Kinshirou because he had a coupon for a curry place. Along the way, Atsushi almost fell and En, his fellow classmate who happened to be going the same way, caught him. They both found out they had the same coupon and went to get curry together. Unfortunately, Kinshirou saw this and got the wrong idea, but instead of going to Atsushi with the problem, he ignored him which was sad because Atsushi and Kinshirou were best friends before this. After a week of this, En finally asked Atsushi if he should talk to him about it, and Atsushi told him that if Kinshirou was mad at him, he didn’t want to make it worse by trying to pester information out of him. So they went years and years without being friends because Atsushi couldn’t bring himself to ask Kinshirou. Something similar happened between Atsushi and En because of a monster, where Atsushi even chose to eat lunch alone in the lunch room, just to give En space.

Atsushi really hates this side of himself, but he can’t seem to stop it. He sees himself as a coward, because when things get bad, he’s too afraid to ask about the problem. He’s too afraid to know if it’s over, or if the person no longer wants to be friends. He tries to act maturely and leave it to the other person to calm down, but really he’s just afraid of being alone and pushing people away even more.

Abilities: Besides having amazing patience and basically being Team!Mom to his friends, Atsushi has a power that was sort of forced onto him by a space Wombat. He now dons a bracelet that he can’t remove called a Lovracelet. This Lovracelet gives him the power to turn into a magical boy. Yep you heard it, a magical boy. He transforms with a magical transformation and everything. While in this form he has a magical rod and can shoot wind based magical beams out of it. Also while in this form, he has amazing athletics and can handle a lot of attacks.

Alignment: Sosyne
Atsushi is a rather calm guy. Even when things don’t turn out quite the way he wanted them to, he takes it with a calm head. He’s pretty much the team mom, so he has to be, right? He isn’t without his angry points though. When his best friend En is in danger of getting hurt, Atsushi gets angry at the monster causing it and charges into battle. He also got angry at a monster for almost making him late to wave his friend Kishirou off when he was flying to another country.

Other: N/A???


Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample:

Emotion Sample: It’s been a week since Atsushi had been brought to this strange world. He’s read over the pamphlet over and over, making sure not to miss a single detail. He’s tried to make nice with the locals and the others who were brought into this same situation. As far as anyone was concerned, Atsushi was growing rather accustomed to this new way of living rather nicely. It’s a shame that their own emotions can give away their whole heart so easily, or Atsushi would be able to keep up this charade of being okay.

He’s been trying to keep himself busy so he didn’t have to think, he didn’t want to think, because when he sat alone he just… felt so lonely. He thought about his family back home, and all of his friends. He thought about En-chan who was his best friend. What would happen to them with Atsushi gone? Would En find a new best friend? Would En… forget all about him?

Atsushi sat alone in the library, with a book in front of him opened but unread. All these thoughts kept combing through his mind. It started off small, a small wind blowing the book’s pages a little. Atsushi shook it off, but the thoughts kept coming to him. Soon a whole whirlwind blew around him, kicking up books and chairs and everything in its wake. What would he do if his best friend replaced or ignored him? It happened once before, he couldn’t handle it if En did the same!

Atsushi heard an angry voice of a librarian who stood nearby tapping their foot. Atsushi’s face heated up upon realizing what he caused and the whirlwind around him completely vanished causing all the books and other items that got sucked up into it to fall around him. With an awkward laugh he rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll clean that up,” he said meekly.